VA Pension Benefit

We are here to help clients learn the basics of Care Assistance Planning for veterans, their spouses, and their widows and widowers BEFORE they begin rearranging assets.

Long term care assistance qualification is never simple and it is never a matter of taking the same couple of steps that everyone else does. Everyone’s situation is unique, and getting one little thing wrong can cause a delay or worse — a denial of benefits. Knowing the rules around the Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit can lead to proper planning, creative solutions, and often can help with possible Medicaid long term care assistance qualification down the road.

You do not have to go broke and lose everything to qualify for the various government Care Assistance programs that you spent a lifetime paying into through taxes — especially those benefits that you as a veteran have earned serving your country.

As an experienced planning professional, VA Accredited Attorney, and a Certified Medicaid Planner™, Attorney Jeffrey Marsocci can help you begin to understand the application process and how veterans and their widows or widowers can qualify for the VA benefit.

We dispel the myths surrounding qualification and offer veterans and their families comprehensive solutions in our approach to care assistance planning.