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“Too often, we’ve seen people get involved in investments that were inappropriate for their goals, or they have simply stayed in investments that were a good fit twenty years ago but now don’t make sense for them,” Mr. Marsocci said. “By taking a step back, we can see what our clients want to accomplish and how much safety they want in their investments, we can put together a game plan for a more appropriate allocation of assets.”

In addition, The Care Assistance Center, LLC can provide advice on:

  • The appropriate titling of accounts and beneficiary designations that are consistent with our client’s estate planning goals;
  • The proper investments inside irrevocable trusts, particularly trusts designed to eventually qualify for Medicaid, so those investments don’t jeopardize or diminish Medicaid benefits; and
  • Providing synergy among various investment, legal, and tax professionals so your planning goals are not thwarted by professionals with different viewpoints “butting heads.”

While The Care Assistance Center, LLC handles life insurance and annuities and is not an investment firm, we work with and refer to outside professionals in other areas such as stock investing and tax planning.