The Care Assistance Center is a business I created to help individuals who are moving into retirement and planning for long-term care options or need help immediately for themselves or their parents. Our team at the Care Assistance Center has an estate planning attorney and a financial advisor, but we also have a veteran’s benefit specialist, a Medicaid professional, and other team members.

As the founder of the Care Assistance Center, it is clear that Medicaid and other benefits can have many steps to qualify and be very difficult to understand on your own, so we have created evening seminars to help family members understand the process.

3 things that anyone can gain from attending the Care Assistance Center seminars are:

  1. Understand the Cost: There are a lot of costs from retirement to the end of life. In my seminars, I help adults who have retired as well as individuals who have parents in this phase of life understand what the costs are going to be.
  2. Types of Care: Depending on each individual, there are a variety of types of care available. The types of care will change based on the conditions that arise as well as the insurances the individual has. We help to explain a variety of the options that individuals could be in.
  3. Paying for Healthcare: We discuss a variety of the ways that healthcare can be paid for as you age. We discuss options like Medicare, Veteran benefits, and more. We go through some of the stigmas around the certain types of healthcare payment options that family members may have to walk through.

We have received so much great feedback about these seminars*. There have been so many families that are readier for retirement or long-term care. View our upcoming seminars.

*Don’t Go Broke Testimonial: “Jeff and David provided clear, concise information on a subject that can be confusing and unclear. We liked the comprehensive team approach that they offer, as well as an opportunity to create a plan long before we need long term care. Jeff is always very approachable and answers our questions in language that we can understand.” -Nancy at the Sept 2018 event