How to Choose the Right Nursing Home

Earlier we spoke about understanding the level of care loved ones’ need later in life, but it doesn’t stop there. Once it’s settled that mom or dad may need a nursing home, there are still so many options to choose from. There is so much to consider when someone will be caring for someone you love, so it’s important to make sure they’re taken care of.

4 questions to ask yourself when deciding on a nursing home are:

  • How do they speak to residents? There is a lot to listen for when visiting a nursing home, but the most important factor is that residents are being addressed by their name. Nurses should know how residents want to be addressed and respect them enough to use that name at all times.
  • Is the staff overworked? Continuing with the staff, how are they treated? Ask the staff about their schedules. If many of the staff work long shifts and overtime, that can take a toll on their ability to properly provide the best care for residents.
  • Where is the calendar? It doesn’t make sense to pay to be shoved into a room for the majority of the day. An easy way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to find a calendar for the residents. Activities should be scheduled throughout the day and week to ensure residents have the opportunity to interact with other residents.
  • What are the procedures for a fall? Ensure that there are procedures (that are followed) when a resident fall. They should mention multiple injury checks for falls that include immediate checks and a follow-up check for both injuries and confusion. Do they have a primary contact to inform about the fall? Otherwise, this might show that they do not inform people of accidents.

Choosing the correct nursing home is a big decision. It can be the first time some people have to accept the mortality of a loved one. Although it may be hard, the work doesn’t stop here. In this time, it’s important to make sure these loved ones also have the proper legal documents like a will, financial power of attorney, and health care power of attorney in place. The Care Assistance Center has a team ready to address these concerns, as well as a host of other issues around aging loved ones. Give us a call at 919-518-8237 for more.