Moving your loved ones into assisted living is a major life event for them that required a lot of thought and debate from both sides. This move can be stressful for you and your loved ones who are helping.

But, you aren’t the first family to go through this. The Care Assistance Center team has seen so many families go through this process and there are a few tips we share with our clients as they move into this season of life.

5 tips to help make the transition into assisted living easier are:

  • Keep an open mind. The transition into assisted living is a large one and everything your loved one is used to in life is about to change. Remind them that sometimes change is for the best as is the case here.
  • Make new friends. There is almost nothing worse than sitting all alone in your apartment all day watching TV. Make sure your loved one gets out and meets their new neighbors.
  • Bring in items to make it feel like home. Bring in items such as pictures and knick-knacks to decorate the new place so it has a more personal touch and feels more like home to your loved one. This can really help to ease them into their new assisted living facility.
  • Meet with the assisted living facility’s staff. Setting up meetings and getting to know who is going to help take care of your loved one at the assisted living facility can help greatly in easing the transition. Your loved one can build a relationship with them early on and they have the potential to ask any questions that might be bothering them.
  • Keep in contact. Moving out of their home into an assisted living facility can be scary for a loved one. Make sure that you keep in contact with them to make sure that their treatment is up to par and that they are out socializing and having a good time.

If you have any questions about the transition into assisted living and if that would be best for you or a loved one contact the Care Assistance Center for more information.