5 Key Items to Consider About Long-Term Care Before It is Time

Many families think that their need for long-term care is far away, but it is always closer than you think. As a long-term care adviser in Raleigh, I help families plan and pay for their long-term care. Since we guide people through the process of learning to making the decisions to paying for what they

3 Things Families Can Expect to Gain from the Care Assistance Center Seminars

The Care Assistance Center is a business I created to help individuals who are moving into retirement and planning for long-term care options or need help immediately for themselves or their parents. Our team at the Care Assistance Center has an estate planning attorney and a financial advisor, but we also have a veteran’s benefit

3 Key Advantages of an Irrevocable Trust for Your Loved Ones

Over the years, we all acquire important assets: houses, cars, and more. And as our loved ones age, it is important to protect their assets. But, this is an incredibly tough conversation to have. At the Care Assistance Center, we help families plan for these conversations and set up the right types of estate plans

How to Qualify for NC Medicaid in 4 Steps

Many individuals feel like Medicaid is for low-income individuals who can’t afford their medical costs. But, Medicaid is something that we have all paid into all of our working life, and when it comes  time for long term care, Medicaid also becomes the benefit we should all consider since we’ve already paid for it.

How to Make the Most Out of Your VA Pension Benefit

Choosing the best home care living situation isn’t easy, and when it becomes unaffordable, the choice is far more difficult. For veterans and their spouses, as well as their widows and widowers, the Veterans Pension benefit can help them pay for in-home medical assistance care or even long-term care in an assisted living facility. If

How to Help Your Loved Ones Make a Smooth Transition Into Assisted Living

Moving your loved ones into assisted living is a major life event for them that required a lot of thought and debate from both sides. This move can be stressful for you and your loved ones who are helping. But, you aren’t the first family to go through this. The Care Assistance Center team

Am I Ready to Retire? 4 Signs That Say You Are

The decision to retire hasn’t been easy for older Americans who continue to work in their 50s and 60s. Retirement is about having the freedom and time to pursue life goals after years of hard work, but these days the decision comes down to a single question: “When should I retire?” At The Care Assistance

How to Save for Retirement When You Started Late

How to Save for Retirement When You Started Late Experts say you should start investing in retirement years ahead of time and throughout your career. Unfortunately, not everyone gets the chance to save early on. Unforeseen life hurdles take away from the savings for what should be a comfortable retirement. Whether someone started

How to Handle Being Forced into Retirement

How to Handle Being Forced into Retirement People may feel nervous when they are forced into retirement, but the truth is it’s coming for all of us. Whether it’s due to health problems, downsizing, or changes in the skills required for a job, over 40% of retirees report leaving the workforce earlier